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JIBA is a School providing an excellent, balanced educational environment for pupils/students  between 2-16 years.

We have created a curriculum through which each learner can develop and retain his or her individuality whilst still attaining excellent results academically, socially and artistically.

At JIBA, Learners are encouraged to enjoy exploring new ideas, in a secure and friendly atmosphere. Great care has been taken to create a School that meets the changing needs of children as they grow. A team of dedicated staff provides an exemplary level of individual care and attention.

When you have read this introduction to the School, you will know a little of our distinctive philosophy. However, since the School is a living being, I hope you will come and see us. You will be made very welcome and I look forward to meeting you.


”To  produce  a  “Total  Child” who  is  able  to combine intellectual ability with skill, while upholding moral values.”

  • Offering an academically challenging education within a  conducive and motivating environment.
  • Developing independent, life-long learners and successful  citizens.

”Excellence through knowledge”



We believe that there is more to education than just accurate spelling and precision in Mathematics. At JIBA, children learn to think and reason for themselves. Problem-solving is the cornerstone to our approach.

We help and encourage children to grow into happy and tolerant adults. Consideration for others and good manners are a part of School life at every stage. Learners and staff treat one another  with mutual respect. We take the view that self-discipline is better than imposed discipline.

The School is characterized by:

  • Strong pastoral care
  • Fully qualified teaching staff in a supportive
  • And caring  environment
  • Strong study skills
  • A structured approach to the curriculum
  • High standards of politeness and behavior

Our facilities include:

  • Libraries
  • Science Laboratories
  • C.T. Laboratories
  • After School Service
  • Art and Crafts rooms
  • School Buses
  • Educational video lectures
  • Phonics/Phonetics training


At JIBA Schools, all our teachers are experienced, thoroughly vetted, and have a proven track record of producing excellent results.