JIBA Nursery & Primary School

Normal entry is at 2+ to the Kindergarten. Inevitably, there are far more applications than places available and it is necessary to select children. Each child is seen individually with the parents. The child is expected to have a good idea of colours, shapes, matching and sorting, jigsaws and simple counting. Tests for older children are more formal and include Literacy and Numeracy appropriate to the age.

CRECHE—————————- age 6 weeks

PLAYGROUP———————– 1½ years – 2 years

KINDERGARTEN—————— 2 years

NURSERY ONE——————– 3 years

NURSERY TWO——————- 4 years

BASIC 1-6————————- ages 5 to 10 years.

JIBA College

Admission into JIBA College is open to all and sundry regardless of race, colour, religion, geographical location. Admission is strictly on merit, which is determined by a highly competitive entrance examination and subsequent interviews and a report from the School. The entrance examination is open to children who will be at least ten (10) years old by the time they are admitted into JS1 in the month of September of the same year. Parents are invited to visit the College and meet with the Principal.

Kindly visit the school for the application form